Common health issues that affect the elderly

An elderly couple walking in a neighborhood.

Millions of Americans aged 65 and older suffer from long-term medical conditions. As our population ages, this is expected to increase. In 2030, experts predict seven million older people will suffer from chronic health conditions. As the population ages and long-term medical conditions become more prevalent, emergency room visits increase. However, the top cause of…

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Causes and Symptoms of Dehydration in Older Adults

A glass of water

As we age, our bodies undergo a variety of changes. Seniors can become deficient in nutrients, while others may harm their senses and quality of life. As we age, our bodies may lose the ability to recognize natural feelings like hunger and thirst. As a result, your body may become dehydrated, and you may lose…

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Hot Weather Safety for Older Adults

Older man running in the heat

It is not safe for anyone to be exposed to too much heat. People with health problems or who are older are at a greater risk. It is vital to find relief from the heat as soon as possible. In the absence of cool air, you may feel confused or faint. Too much heat can…

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What are ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and IADLs

senior care in normandy park

When speaking with professionals in senior care services and healthcare professionals about senior care for a loved one they may ask about their need for ADLs or their IADLs. ADL is a shorter term that stands for Activities of Daily Living and IADL is a term that stands for Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. These…

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