Common health issues that affect the elderly

An elderly couple walking in a neighborhood.

Millions of Americans aged 65 and older suffer from long-term medical conditions. As our population ages, this is expected to increase. In 2030, experts predict seven million older people will suffer from chronic health conditions.

As the population ages and long-term medical conditions become more prevalent, emergency room visits increase. However, the top cause of emergency admissions for older people is falling, which affects long-term outcomes significantly for those with health conditions.

Medical Conditions Common to Older People

People worldwide are living longer than ever thanks to advances in healthcare. Therefore, medical conditions are becoming more prevalent as people age. These medical conditions are, however, becoming less challenging to live with. Thus, older people are now in the best position to manage them daily.

If we are diagnosed with one of these conditions, we will be better prepared to manage it. The key to treating this condition is understanding its symptoms and treatment options. It is also important to learn how to prevent and treat common illnesses.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common medical conditions that affect older adults.


The breakdown of tissue inside the joints is called arthritis. Inflammation and pain can occur as a result. Approximately 10 million Americans of all ages have arthritis.

High blood pressure

A common condition is hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. According to studies, many adults in the US don’t even realize that they have high blood pressure. You can only find out by checking your blood pressure.

Hypertension rarely causes noticeable symptoms. Hypertension is only detectable when a person’s blood pressure reaches dangerous levels.

Known as a hypertensive crisis, this occurs when the blood pressure rises rapidly. Heart irregularities, headaches, and anxiety are some of the symptoms.


In asthma, the body’s airways become inflamed and sensitive to allergens. The inflammation can lead to a painful and frightening attack, causing the airway muscles to tighten and narrow, making breathing difficult.

It might be time for help

If your elderly loved one is suffering from one of these common ailments, it might be time to consider moving them into an assisted living facility where they can be supported in their times of need.

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