Three Tree Vista: Memory Care Services

Luxury living for residents with Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other special needs

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or any other medical condition that is causing (or could result in) memory loss, Three Tree Vista is here for you. We provide a loving and safe luxury living space, staffed around the clock by attentive and well-qualified professional caregivers.

Three Tree Vista is a single-floor facility, with well-appointed private suites that can be customized to suit the needs of every resident. Comfort, familiarity, routine, and security are essential components for any memory care residence. Institutional settings can feel scary and isolating for some, therefore we provide an uncompromising alternative. We can design and organize living arrangements and create a daily schedule that helps residents feel like they’re living at home because they are at home.

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It’s not uncommon for family members that it's in the best interest of their loved ones to remain at home, but doing so can put both the loved one and their family caretaker at risk of injury. At any moment, a resident may become disoriented, confused, or lost -- therefore a trained staff member will always be close at hand to assure them they are safe, loved, and not alone. Our staff is prepared to handle difficult resident outbursts and sanitary challenges with compassion, grace, resolve, and utmost professionalism.

Day or night, whenever our resident is awake, we can engage with them on activities to help them feel connected to their friends and family, as well as their new family, fellow residents and staff of Three Tree Vista. Depending on interests, resident activities could include:

  • Looking at family photo albums and videos and recalling stories about the people they see and/or listening to stories based on notes, audio or video messages provided by the family
  • Simple, safe, and supervised “favorite recipe” preparation in the 3TV kitchen or dining area
  • Knitting, quilting, or other arts and crafts -- to create items to enjoy or gift to loved ones, local schools, charities or churches
  • Helping with nominal household tasks, such as sorting and folding laundry or small linens, to activate motor skills and muscle memory, and to feel senses of contribution or accomplishment
  • Recalling, recording and/or writing down cherished memories with the assistance to 3TV staff members
  • Watching favorite TV shows or movies; listening to (and possibly singing along with) favorite songs from all eras of their lives
  • Reading the daily paper, or having a staff member read select stories; watching the news on TV and discussing the day’s events --
    ideally, connecting news stories to life events
  • Engage in simple gardening and botany activities, including tending to plants inside the living area and on the lanai
  • Read favorite books or listen to audio versions of beloved stories
  • Sit on 3TV’s scenic lanai and relax or share memories while taking in the view

If and when the time comes where around-the-clock medical attention is needed, we can ensure the transfer is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

If and when the time comes where around-the-clock medical attention is needed, we can ensure the transfer is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Limited Spaces Available

Three Tree Vista is a new community with six available suites. Once fully booked, we will begin a waiting list for interested residents.

Is Three Tree Vista a suitable destination for you or your loved one with memory care issues?

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