Hot Weather Safety for Older Adults

Older man running in the heat

It is not safe for anyone to be exposed to too much heat. People with health problems or who are older are at a greater risk. It is vital to find relief from the heat as soon as possible. In the absence of cool air, you may feel confused or faint. Too much heat can…

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Assisted Living: How to help your senior parent adjust

Photo of a senior with a younger family member

Moving into an assisted living facility is a significant change for an older adult. Unlike younger seniors, most seniors aren’t open to this type of change as they are worried about isolation and unsure of what will come with the change. However, a few seniors take to it immediately and try to fit into the…

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How seniors can make new friends

Aging people talking in a group

The older we get, the harder it is to make friends. An AARP study in 2018 supported this statement. With the introduction of a global pandemic, seniors have become even more isolated, and it has become more challenging for them to maintain and make friends. In this article, we look at how to make friends…

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Tips to help you talk to your parents about assisted living

Photo of elderly dad

Sometimes, it becomes clear that assisted living would be a better option for your elderly parent. For example, a series of falls may bring clarity, a chronic health problem in decline, the loss of family members nearby to offer assistance, or increasing difficulty with daily tasks such as taking medications, grooming, eating, and housekeeping. Children…

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Helping the elderly cope with grief and loss

Elderly woman reading a book about grief

Each of us has experienced the loss of someone we love and cherish at some point in our lives. Though most older people have experienced losses before, losing an adult child, a spouse, or having to leave one’s home can be devastating to older people. When our elderly loved ones are in need of help…

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