Fall Prevention / Safety-proof Your Home For Older Adults (Video)

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An unfortunate misstep can change your life if you slip on a wet floor or trip on a rug. Many older people break a bone each year if they fall. Breaks can lead to more serious problems for older people, such as hospitalization, injury, and disability.

Don’t feel alone if you or someone you know has fallen—approximately one in three seniors over 65 falls each year. We are more likely to fall – and fall-related problems as we age.

Falling is a fear for many older adults

Falling fears become more common with age, even among those who have never fallen. Due to this condition, older adults may avoid participating in social activities, shopping, or walking.

Be active despite your fear of falling. Staying active, maintaining physical health, and preventing future falls are all possible by overcoming this fear. Being active helps you stay healthy, such as meeting up with friends, gardening, exercising, or going to the local senior center. Fortunately, there are simple ways to prevent most falls.

What is your past experience with falling?

Describe your fall, including when, where, and how it happened. Be prepared to share instances when you almost fell but were caught by someone or caught something just in time. This information may help your doctor identify specific fall prevention strategies.

Are you at risk of falling because of your health conditions?

Your risk of falling may increase if you have certain eye or ear disorders. You should be ready to discuss your health conditions and how comfortable you are when you walk – for example, do you feel dizzy, joint pain, shortness of breath, or numbness when you walk? You may also be evaluated for muscle strength, balance, and walking style (gait).

Ensure your home is safe

  • Clear all hallways, stairs, and paths of books and shoes, and make sure they are well-lit.
  • Whenever you are climbing or descending the stairs, use rails and handrails. You should never place scatter rugs on the bottom or top of the stairs.
  • If you walk on area rugs, tape them to the floor to keep them from moving.

Our staff is available 24/7 to assist our residents with bathroom needs, bathing, grooming, and getting from room to room as necessary. If you feel your loved one would be safer in an adult family care home setting, please contact us for a tour.