Helping the elderly cope with grief and loss

Elderly woman reading a book about grief

Each of us has experienced the loss of someone we love and cherish at some point in our lives. Though most older people have experienced losses before, losing an adult child, a spouse, or having to leave one’s home can be devastating to older people. When our elderly loved ones are in need of help coping with grief and loss, we should provide them with positive ways to cope.

Symptoms of grief among the elderly

Caregivers and relatives should be on the lookout for signs of physical and emotional distress in older adults who do not outwardly show grief. In addition to changing eating habits and crying, grief can manifest in a reluctance to cry. Having trouble sleeping, concentrating, or making decisions is another sign of grief, as is losing interest in family, friends, and hobbies. There are ways to help your loved one cope with grief and loss if they are experiencing any of the above.

Visit often

You should visit your elderly loved one regularly, whether they live at home or in an assisted living facility. It will keep the feeling of isolation at bay and provide something to look forward to. Be sure to keep your loved ones informed about what has been happening in the world and bring them something that they will enjoy.

Allow them to express their sorrow

You can mourn with your elderly relative or friend. Don’t try to solve problems or make things better – instead, just be there and listen at a time like this. Remember that a hug or a touch can be more helpful than any words for a grieving loved one.

Make them feel safe

During this difficult time, grieving older adults need the love and support of family and friends. Don’t criticize them for needing a break from grief – nobody can grieve forever and they may need to escape sorrow for a while. When they want to go for a walk, offer to go with them if they want company.

Grieving with your elderly relative or friend is a process, and it may take some time before they can recover. During this difficult time, your love and support can be of great assistance to your loved one. Be there for them as they grieve.

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