Protect Against Fire and Related Dangers For Older Adults (Video)

  1. Protect Against Fire and Related Dangers For Older Adults (Video)
  2. Prevent Poisoning: Carbon Monoxide, Medications, Cleaning products (Video)
  3. Fall Prevention / Safety-proof Your Home For Older Adults (Video)
  4. Protect Against Elder Abuse / Criminals Who Target Older Adults (Video)

Protect against fire and related dangers

  • If there is a fire in your home, don’t try to put it out. Leave and call 911. Know at least two ways to get out of your apartment or home.
  • When you’re cooking, don’t wear loose clothes or clothes with long sleeves
  • Replace appliances that have fraying or damaged electrical cords.
  • Don’t put too many electric cords into one socket or extension cord.
  • Install a smoke detector and replace the battery twice a year.
  • Never smoke in bed or leave candles burning, even for a short time, in an empty room.
  • Make sure heaters are at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn, such as curtains, bedding, or furniture. Turn off space heaters when you leave the room.

Today the number of older adults living independently is larger than it has been in years and that number continues to increase. It is very important to ensure that our older loved ones are safe inside their homes. Falls, burns, and poisoning are some of the most common accidents involving senior citizens, it is not uncommon for a serious mishap to occur. This is why it is so important if you are an older adult living on your own or care for an older person living alone to take precautions and make sure that home is safe, and you are prepared should something arise.

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Keeping a list of emergency numbers near the phone in the case that something happens is a great idea. This way they will be right where you need them when you need to act fast. Make sure to write them out large and clear enough to read easily when you are in a hurry and stress is heightened.

Numbers to Include:

  • 911
  • Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
  • Family Members and Friends that can help and should be notified right away
  • Primary Healthcare Provider