Seattle Metropolitan Singers Visit Three Tree Vista

Seattle Metropolitan Singers visit Three Tree Vista

Thank you Seattle Metropolitan singers for taking the time to visit Three Tree Vista. Listening to music can help improve your elderly loved one’s health inadvertently, even though you normally think of music as just entertainment. Here are some ways that music can benefit seniors.

Relieve anxiety

Music can be calming and help your loved one to calm down if agitation is a frequent result of health conditions, financial problems, medical treatments, or family disagreements.

Facilitate communication

Together, listening to music can spark conversation, allowing people to share musical preferences as well as memories associated with favorite songs.

Increase happiness

People who enjoy music feel happier and more animated when they listen to it. Especially when listening to favorite tunes from their youth that remind them of specific memories or how it felt to be young and carefree, this is true.

Increase seniors’ appetites

You can play soothing music at a low volume during mealtimes if your loved one doesn’t eat much or feels agitated during meals. It may help minimize your loved one’s stress or anxiety so he or she can focus on eating and enjoy the meal.

As a great recipe for longevity, Three Tree Vista encourages all of our caregivers, residents, and families to sing, listen to, and enjoy their favorite music. Especially during this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from Three Tree Vista

Seattle Metropolitan Singers visit Three Tree Vista