The Benefits of Living in a Small Home Community: Three Tree Vista Edition

A women and her elderly mother hugging

As our parents age, they often require extra care and support. Finding the right living situation that balances their need for assistance while still allowing them to maintain their independence and quality of life can be challenging. While traditional nursing homes may come to mind, small home communities offer an alternative option that could provide a more comfortable and fulfilling living experience for our aging loved ones.

Small home communities are what they sound like – small, residential-style homes that offer care and support to seniors who may need it. Unlike traditional nursing homes, small home communities focus on providing personalized care in a homelike setting. These communities typically have 6-12 residents. They are staffed by trained caregivers who work around the clock to assist with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. Here are some benefits of living in a small home community and why it could be an excellent option for your aging parents.

More Personalized Care

One of the most significant benefits of small home communities is that they offer a more personalized approach to care. With fewer residents, staff can provide individualized attention and care to each person. Caregivers in small home communities take the time to get to know each resident, their likes and dislikes, and their unique needs. Then, they work to create a care plan tailored to each individual, which means that your parents will receive the care they need in a way that suits them best.

Homelike Environment

Small home communities are designed to feel like home, offering residents a warm and welcoming environment. Unlike traditional nursing homes, small home communities typically have shared living spaces, such as a kitchen, dining room, and living room. This setup encourages socialization and allows residents to build relationships with their fellow residents and caregivers. It also creates a sense of community and belonging, which can be invaluable for isolated seniors.


One of the seniors and their families most significant concerns is maintaining independence while still receiving the care they need. Small home communities offer a unique balance of care and independence. Residents have their own private rooms and can maintain their independence by participating in activities and events that interest them. In addition, caregivers assist when needed and encourage residents to do as much as they can for themselves. This approach can help seniors maintain their sense of autonomy and dignity.

A Sense of Security

Another benefit of small home communities is that they offer a sense of security for residents and their families. With fewer residents and staff members, keeping track of who is coming and going is more manageable, which can help prevent security issues. Caregivers are also available around the clock, meaning residents can access assistance whenever needed. Additionally, small home communities are often located in safe neighborhoods, providing peace of mind for families concerned about their loved one’s safety.

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Three Tree Vista is a small home community offering a unique and personalized approach to care that can be an excellent option for seniors requiring extra support. By providing more personalized care, a homelike environment, independence, and a sense of security, Three Tree Vista can help seniors maintain their quality of life while receiving the care they need.

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