Free and Discounted Products for Seniors and Caregivers

Finding affordable products and services is very helpful for seniors as most live on a limited income such as Social Security benefits or a small retirement plan income, or maybe another form of government assistance.

Fortunately there are a good number of helpful resources, but they can be difficult to find or apply for.

The local Area Agency on Aging (Tacoma office) (names of offices can differ) is a smart place to start a search for helpful services that provide affordable or free products to seniors. Local charities and large nonprofits can also be very good resources.

Here are a list of affordable senior products and services to help start your search:

  • Benefits Counseling:

    Free benefit counseling is available through the local Area Agency on Aging or AAA. This “counseling” will help you to discover all of the local help available to you. You can receive answers about insurance coverage, food stamps, income assistance, and other items available. In some areas virtual benefits counseling is available through This site can help to search for specific resources or discover new ones.

  • Adult Day Care:

    these can be run by government agencies, charities, or religious groups. The purpose of these programs is to provide older adults with a safe place to socialize and take part in fun activities or enjoy a hot meal with supervision. This is a great source for caregivers to get a break if needed. If there is a charge many places will charge a small fee just to cover operating expenses. Some will charge based on an ability to pay. Eligibility requirements differ at each facility depending upon the level of assistance they can provide. You can find day care services through the local AAA.

  • Medicaid-Covered Dental Care:

    there are few dentists that accept Medicaid insurance. To find a dentist that does accept it, contact your state’s department of health or check out the Find-A-Dentist website run by the American Dental Association.

  • Free Dentures:

    There are some sources that will provide free dentures to low-income seniors. A call to the state dental association, nearby dental colleges, or the local AAA could help to direct you to these services.

  • Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs:

    There are State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs that offer savings on drug costs.

  • Prescription Drug Discounts:

    Even after government help with medications some still cannot afford the cost of prescriptions. Some drug companies offer assistance programs to certain individuals.

  • National Family Caregiver Support Program:

    The NFCSP provides funding to states for the use in support of informal caregivers. AAAs often administer these programs.

  • Discounted Phone and Internet:

    LifeLine is a federal program to low-income people that provides discounted phone or internet services.

  • Free Food Services:

    there is a supplemental national assistance program (snap) which used to be called food stamps there are also local food banks, nonprofits, charities, and many other community programs that supply free meals.

  • Free Hearing Aids:

    hearing aids can be expensive, but there are a few places that will help with the cost. Try the local Lions Club many chapters offer or know of hearing aid banks. Clinical trials can also offer help with hearing aids. You can get into one by contacting a manufacturer to see if they are conducting any.

These are just a few of the free, discounted, and helpful services for seniors in need. For more information you can contact your AAA.

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