How seniors can make new friends

Aging people talking in a group

The older we get, the harder it is to make friends. An AARP study in 2018 supported this statement. With the introduction of a global pandemic, seniors have become even more isolated, and it has become more challenging for them to maintain and make friends. In this article, we look at how to make friends as you age and keep friends as you grow older.

Participate in activity groups

Many organizations around the country are centered around shared interests. Several of them cater to older adults looking for community and friendship. Consult your local community center, church, or senior center for more information. Also, consider joining AARP communities, Facebook groups, or

Engaging in physical activity

Fitness classes and fitness groups provide older adults with a great way to get active and become involved in a vibrant community. Dance lessons, walking groups, water aerobics, and yoga or Tai Chi classes are among the options.

Travel with a group

Sign up for group travel through companies like Rick Steves Europe. Travelers enjoy the social environment of group travel—the ability to meet new people while traveling is a beautiful way to bond over a shared experience.

Work part-time or volunteer

In addition to being an enjoyable and fulfilling activity for older adults, volunteer work also offers the convenience of meeting new people with similar interests. Both hospitals and schools are always looking for volunteers. Even if you still want to work, part-time gigs can make you more social and keep your skills sharp. Visit Volunteer Match to explore opportunities.

Find friends at a Three Tree Living

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If you are living on your own or your parent or loved one requires assisted living, please reach out to Three Tree Living to find out how we can foster more connections through our community.