Assisted Living: How to help your senior parent adjust

Photo of a senior with a younger family member

Moving into an assisted living facility is a significant change for an older adult. Unlike younger seniors, most seniors aren’t open to this type of change as they are worried about isolation and unsure of what will come with the change. However, a few seniors take to it immediately and try to fit into the new environment. New communities, social activities, and hobbies hold a great deal of appeal. However, no matter how things go, your senior parent may face some challenges in the new community during the first few weeks.

Help your older parents adjust to their new lifestyle, be around them, and offer much-needed encouragement, positive reassurance, and support. The following tips can help ease the transition for your aging parent.

Check-in often

Ensure your elderly parent does not feel abandoned or isolated while in an assisted living facility. Frequent visits can reassure them that you are there for them. When in the same city, visit regularly. Be predictable when you visit. Spend a day each week with your senior loved one by blocking out your calendar on a Saturday. Make sure your aging parent feels comfortable during and after their move-in.

Avoid being overprotective

Independent living is crucial for seniors since it promotes a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The benefits are both psychological and physical. Senior living facilities provide that kind of lifestyle. Personalized care is offered while maintaining your senior’s independence and privacy. During this time, give only necessary care without being overbearing. As a result, your parent will become more dependent on you, making it harder to adapt to the new environment.

Surround them with familiar items

Place everyday items and keepsakes in their assisted living suite or apartment to help them adjust to their new surroundings. Let your senior loved one decide on the layout and decor of their apartment by asking them for their preferences.

Get to know the staff

The staff at reputable assisted living facilities go to great lengths to keep their residents engaged. Health and entertainment are of high importance to them, and they will go to great lengths to take care of those needs.

While your ward is still adjusting to their new home, meeting the staff and discussing your senior’s care needs is a good idea. You will be able to make sure that your parent’s life is comfortable by taking care of the little things.

Meeting the staff will help you understand how your parent is adjusting to the facility. As a result, you can work with them toward making your senior’s stay at the facility more comfortable.

Just be there for them

Your parent has always been there for you in good times and in bad. It is now your responsibility to ease their transition into assisted living. The first few days at a retirement community will undoubtedly be challenging. However, helping your parent adjust is a beautiful way to thank them for the care they gave you.

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