Senior living facilities: what to look for when touring

Photo of senior woman smiling

Choosing an assisted living facility isn’t an easy decision. And it can be even harder to choose the right one. If you take a tour of the facility, you’ll be able to find out a lot more. The following signs may indicate that a facility needs to be removed as a possibility:

Do the current residents appear well cared for?

Pay attention to current residents. Do their clothes appear to be clean? Are their hair and beards trimmed and well-groomed? Is their clothing appropriate for the weather? Without any of these signs, the residents may not be taken care of properly.

Is the staff friendly?

Ask some general questions when you are on your tour. Is the staff friendly and eager to answer you while still attentive to their jobs? If the staff member seems overworked or unfriendly, this could indicate overwork. If the employee cannot answer basic questions, this is a red flag.

Make sure the staff turnover rate is low as well. A constant departure of staff could indicate a problem.

Is the facility warm, inviting, and active?

Tour the facility closely and observe how many residents participate in group activities. A facility might not be full if few residents participate in group activities or there are closed doors and empty rooms. The facility could be struggling financially or not a popular choice due to its issues.

Is the facility cluttered?

How clear are the pathways? What kind of lighting does the place have? Every year, one out of four adults age 65 and older falls. Check the residential rooms and common areas for furnishings and lighting to avoid tripping hazards.

What kind of reputation does the facility have?

State regulatory bodies conduct regular inspections and issue citations if they find violations. This facility’s reports and records are available for you to view. You can do this online. The presence of many violations at a facility could be a red flag. Additionally, you can check the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

Does the facility provide informational documents?

If you tour the facility, ask for a copy of its admissions contract. Inquire about its residency rules as well. What is your tour guide’s attitude toward sharing this information? There may be a reason why the facility does not want to write down this information.

Ask about fees upfront.

Billing and finances should be revealed upfront. There should be no surprises when it comes to fees and financial expectations. Make sure you know what’s included in the price and what’s not. Ask about potential cost increases as well. The administrator’s lack of interest or vague answers may indicate something is amiss. Transparency is essential.

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